Monday, June 30, 2008

Update on Starbuck (aka Gesso)

Starbuck is doing great! She's training really well. She loves loves loves going to the park everyday and playing with other dogs. She's learning to control her excitement on walks when we come across another dog or someone she wants to say hello to. She's just perfect and happy!

I've started giving her Claritin for her allergies as per the doctor's suggestion and it's working really well for her-- no more scratching (I thought she had fleas for a while!), her eyes are less red and she has no more rash on her belly.

She's really a perfect fit for me, everyone says she's just like her mom!

I'm taking her to the the wine country this weekend for swimming and training (my friend who lives there has a dog and is a great trainer and teacher). Will keep you posted--

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Rachel said...

Yay Gesso. We knew you were a star waiting for someone to take you home and realize it! We miss you in the doggie play sessions but we're so happy your playing with many dogs in the dog park now.