Monday, June 23, 2008

Another Malik Sighting

Yesterday was the 2nd Annual Montclair Pet Fair in Oakland. I had the pleasure of sharing a booth with Donna Reynolds of BADRAP and her therapy-pit, Honky Tonk. Honky Tonk and I were holding down the fort, while Donna made a coffee run, when we saw a family with a lovely blue pittie coming our way. They stopped at our booth and humans and doggies all commenced chatting/sniffing when I heard someone call the blue dog Malik. Malik?!? That's our Malik AGAIN! I mentioned that he had already appeared in our dog blog, and his person said, "Our dog is more popular than we are. But we're getting used to it!" Apparently they make a point of taking him out in public with the kids so everyone can see how great they are together -- I wish I'd had my camera. Thanks again to everyone (shelter staff and volunteers, rescue folks, trainers, and adopters) who help Malik go from misery to stardom.

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