Monday, June 16, 2008

A Surprise Encounter

I was at my local dog gathering area last night with Monkey and another dog, and a guy comes up to the gate with his black pittie and said that his dog plays pretty rough, can my dog handle it? I said, sure thing. So, he let him go and the two of them went at it, playing as hard and as rough as two pittie boys can. The dog was well-behaved and friendly, with a slight awkwardness that was sweetly endearing. Then his person, David called his name: DJANGO! I said, Django!?!?! There can only be one, I thought. Where did you get him? I asked. Home at Last, he replied. BUTCHIE!!! I shouted with glee. All I could think about was that precious boy who came into the shelter an adolescent and grew up into an adult while in a cage. I remembered him sucking on the links of the kennel, as he started to become a little kennel crazy toward the end of his stay before HAL rescued him.

Now, Django is with David, a very nice man who absolutely adores him, and our 'Butchie' has grown up into a goofy, lovable adult who plays hard, but respects boundaries-- never once did their play verge on fighting. Thank you Alan C. and everyone who loved Butchie while he was at the shelter; thank you Kate for holding on to him as long as you did; and thank you HAL for rescuing him when he was nearing a point of no return. I know it wasn't easy placing him for I believe he had two fosters before he found his forever home- but obviously your persistence paid off.

Butchie/Django's shelter pictures upon first arriving:

The young pooch looks understandably apprehensive. All's well that ends well.

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