Sunday, June 29, 2008

Poe: Lap Dog Extraordinaire

As you can imagine, capturing a good picture of a pooch can be quite a challenge. Shelter dogs in particular are abuzz with interest in the world around them when out on their walks. The last thing they want to do is stand still for a photo opportunity! It's next to impossible to capture an appealing photo when the photographer is also the leash holder. I can assure you of that!

And then there's Poe. This funny pooch loves to sit in the park, preferably on your lap so he can be pet and give you doggie kisses in return. Good boy. When I had him out today I kept waiting for someone to walk by so I could ask them to take a photo of me with my 60-lb lap dog. Finally, I decided I'd have to do it myself and so I held the camera out in front of us and snapped away. Behold the many faces of Poe from a very close-up position!

At one point, Poe watched a family walk by with a very large dog but Poe wasn't going anywhere... He was clearly too comfortable lounging in my lap in the sun. It's a true pleasure to see a shelter dog so relaxed if only for a brief time while he is free of the shelter.

One the way back, Poe dragged a bit, clearly relishing his time outdoors and not wanting to go back inside to the cement kennel. However, he continued along with some words of encouragement and we managed a short little jog at the end. Poe has been at the shelter since January now and it really is his turn to exit the shelter for good. He has the makings of an affectionate and loyal companion. Let's hope he finds the peace and love in a new home that he deserves sometime soon.

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Pam said...

I too, have passed by him with other dogs, but he was too comfortable laying in the grass with Alan to bother reacting. Good dog!