Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bouncy Shines

Dear Bouncy was the subject of a special photo shoot by a guest photographer, my friend Helena. She is a 19-year old visitor from Europe who is acting as au pair to my sister's twins. I've noticed that she has a great eye and timing when she takes pictures. The twins' every moment have been documented beyond belief. Okay, when I was a baby my parents took slides(!). Remember those? Anyway, I asked her to direct some of her artistic talents towards snapping some shelter dogs. Bouncy went first. He's a sweet, sweet boy who deserves some extra attention. This is what it looked like as we hung out in front of the shelter today.

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Lizzy said...

I just sent Bouncy, now Gatsby, home with his new family! He was the best foster pooch I could have asked for - well, it might be a tossup between him and Trisha. I've been lucky!