Thursday, June 12, 2008

Natasha: A Dog in Need Found a Home

Natasha, now "Tasha" was a long-term resident at the shelter. As the months went by she became more and more reluctant to leave her cement kennel. When volunteers walked by her cage she would bark excitedly as if she wanted to get out. However, once she was leashed up and outside she would stop walking after only a block and want to retreat back to the kennel. No amount of coaxing would convince her to continue. Resigned, volunteers would return her to the kennel rather than stressing her out further. It was painful to see a dog with such a bad case of agoraphobia. It came time to consider putting an end to her suffering... Volunteers decided to do one last push to try to find Natasha a foster or forever home so that she could have a chance to recover and discover life anew. An appeal went out on all the websites and Craig's list ads were posted. People called in wanting to find out more, offering money to help her plight. And then, a woman knowing Natasha was in need, drove up from the Southbay to meet her. Natasha went home with her new mom Robin that night. Volunteers and staff were thrilled.

According to to Robin, "Tasha’s tail never stops wagging." What more could we ask for?

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calilove said...

Awww, this post made me get teary! I loved that girl -- so glad she found her perfect home. Thank you to everyone who fought for her!