Sunday, June 1, 2008

"Excuse me, is that dog from Berkeley?"

So, this past weekend was one of my rare weekends away from the shelter. I headed up to Guerneville for a family wedding. I admit I'm not so keen on weddings but this one was lovely. It was outdoors by the river, the bride arrived via a flower-decorated canoe and the music (klezmer band) was delightful. Ah well. The morning of the wedding I stopped by a local coffee shop to indulge in my daily black brew. I sat at a counter looking out the window, admiring all the dogs walk by with their people. Guerneville is pretty dog-friendly and many of the hotels will allow dogs for an additional fee.

Anyway, as I exited the cafe I noticed a couple sitting with a grey pitty at the table in front. I always stop to say "hi" to dogs, especially pit bulls. I took a closer look at the pooch and realized he looked kinda familiar. "Excuse me, is that dog from Berkeley?" I had to ask. "We're from Oakland" the man said. "Is that Malik?" I said hopefully. Indeed it was!

As some of you may remember, Malik was a shy sensitive boy who was at the shelter last year. He was very stressed in the kennel. Fortunately, Home At Last volunteer Gina (and Boalt law student!), took him home for a night to give him a break from the shelter. As it turned out, she couldn't bear to bring him back. So, Malik hung out with her sweet female pitty Bella until she could find a stellar home for dear Malik.

And, it sounds like she did. Malik's parents spoke very highly of him and said he's a total love, that he's very popular in their Oakland neighborhood and he's doing quite well with his off-leash training. They were up in Guerneville for a stay related to Tiff's job and Malik was staying with them in their condo. Apparently he's very relaxed and the life of the party on comfortable turf but still gets a bit nervous when he's in a new place like in front of a cafe. I can relate, my pooch Jelly is equally uncomfortable around busy areas.

Anyway, it was a pleasure to run into Malik so unexpectedly and it made my time away from the shelter easier to bear! Thanks Gina and Home At Last for giving this deserving boy a new life.

Malik with his guardians in front of cafe.

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