Thursday, July 24, 2014

Rolling and lolling with Hammy and Snowy

Well, Snowy's and Hammy's coats were just a bit less white after today's roll on the floor session.  No matter, lots of good fun was had!

Hey good looking... come a little closer

See how cute my speckled belly is?

It's even funnier upside down

Ham sweet talking Ms. Snowy

Going all out with the love nibbling much to Snowy's apparent delight

Oh, look there are humans in the room.  Who knew?

Friday, July 11, 2014

Scarlett and her pursuit of rope toy tug

Scarlett loves to play with the rope toy.  Here she is sunbathing  with a pretty purple one supplied by a kind volunteer.   Of course, it's most fun when there is another dog holding onto one end so we can play tug.  Hmmm...

Hammy is not doing much, just rolling around on the floor as he's apt to do.

Maybe if I stick it in his mouth he'll get the hint.   So she did.

Hey, it worked!   This is great!