Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Scenes from Tuesday's doggie play

Some doggie action as captured on Tuesday at the shelter....  A good time was had by all, humans and canines alike.

Well, Streusel was sitting for her treat for a quick minute.   Cody on the other hand has it nailed!

What is that silly thing you're pointing in my face?

New friends Struesel and Logan sharing doggies secrets.

Seashell and Logan are old friends and well-matched wrestlers

But always willing to share a companionable drink....

Two determined doggies...

And this time, Duke walks away with the prize!

The gang's all here:  Duke, Dakota, Doughie, Seashell & Logan

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday pooch play

When Cody and Terri first arrived in the play room they spent time sniffing around separately but then came together for some rollicking good play as you can see below.

No question who wins the long snout contest -- that'd be Logan!

Seashell & Logan played "King of the Castle' on the bench

Logan taking a break while he waited for his next playfriend to join him.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Well-matched doggie play -- our favorite!

It's always a pleasure to find doggies that are well-matched in their play styles.   Today we had two particularly fun play sessions. 

It was a hoot to see big boy Logan pushing himself to the floor when playing with Tully.   That said, Missy Tully was not intimidated by his size and could more than keep up with him.   They had a blast!

Sharing a drink after some very active play -- Note this was taken *before* Cody peed in the pool.
Cody has really loosened up and he and Tully had some really nice romps together

Pretty Tully resting after all the play.

Spotlight on Seashell

Oh Seashell, we love you so with your adorable wrinkles and goofy play style.  Today she was a very willing scarf model (as seen below) and was oh-so-happy to engage in some doggie play with Logan and then Duke.   We can't wait for her to find a home of her own where she can share her silliness and doggie joy.

Stretched out after some fast-paced play with Logan

Seashell and her Shadow

Taking a break with pretty boy Duke.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Friday doggie play

There were lots of doggie introductions and interactions today at the shelter.  It's a beautiful thing to see.    It's often hard to monitor the pooches and take pictures but here are a few shots from the day...

New pooch Tully (r) seemed to enjoy the company of her larger cohort Logan

Pretty Tully came in with another dog Blue

Love that curly monkey tail!

Lots of action in the community room

This is what Solara looks like when she's not being pinned to the ground by Dakota (see above picture)

Shy Cody conjured up a smile after spending some time with his gal pals

Cody kisses for Solara

And -- more Cody kisses for Doey.  Plenty to go around