Sunday, June 30, 2013

Scenes from Sunday Doggie Play

Lots of doggy silliness today starring LIZ.   The festivities started out with the hard-to-beat Liz and Cali combination.  Those girls love to run and wrestle with each other.   We love to see them having a blast!

Once Liz & Cali had worked off just a big of their energy, we introduced new girl Dede into the mix.  She was a bit cowed by their fast and furious pace.  So, we decided to give her another try in a future play session.

Next Jasper came over for the Liz experience.  

Upside down Liz & Jasper

Taking a breather

We ended the doggie session by introducing Liz (now just a little bit tired) to BlueBarryHere's Liz moving in for the kiss.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Walkies with Cali and Blue Barry

It's always a pleasure to take two amicable shelter dogs out for a walk.  After a positive introduction between tried-and-true Cali and new pooch Blue Barry we set off on a jaunt.  Athletic Cali was raring to go.   Mr. Barry was.. well.. prone to take a break.  

Sure, it was fairly warm and those shady spots did make great rest stops.  Truth be told, Blue Barry would likely be better off if he were a little less blueberry-ish, that is round... He needs to work up some stamina if he wants to keep up with Cali.

In the end,  pooches and humans had a nice trek.

Dynamic duo headed out for the wilds of Aquatic Park
Pit stop to recover and refuel
Cali says stretching helps to maintain maximum athletic form.  Blue Barry hopes there is a treat coming his way

Just resting here to catch my breath, again, but look how cute I am
Lots of heavy DB (Dog Breath) going on.

Whee, this shade feels mighty good...

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Shades of Steele

New pooch Steele, captured during our meandering stroll today in Aquatic Park.

Softer Steele

Sniffing Steele

Hippo Steele

Steele ear view

Blue Steele

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday scenes at the shelter

Some shots from the shelter on Sunday...

New dog Morty hanging out with Cali at the dog run

Cali enjoying some ball time

Morty seems to relish human contact

Stak & Jasper enjoyed a walk together

Sitting, waiting politely for a treat
Jasper makes great eye contact

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Stak busts a move or two...

Today I had the pleasure of trekking all the way around Aquatic Park with Stak.  She may be solid but she can sure move!   That is, until we stopped by the platform overlooking the water...

The long bridge walk to the end gave Ms. Stak pause.   She hunkered down low and with a little encouragement ventured out to the unknown!

Yay!   She made it!

Actually, it's kind of pleasant out here.   Who knew?

We finished the warm trip around the other side of the lake  and arrived at the Sahara desert...

Well, actually it's the front play yard at the shelter.  No camels here.  Just little old Stak!

Finally, we spent a little time practicing the "sit" command.  Stak feels the beat... sorta.