Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Walkies with Cali and Blue Barry

It's always a pleasure to take two amicable shelter dogs out for a walk.  After a positive introduction between tried-and-true Cali and new pooch Blue Barry we set off on a jaunt.  Athletic Cali was raring to go.   Mr. Barry was.. well.. prone to take a break.  

Sure, it was fairly warm and those shady spots did make great rest stops.  Truth be told, Blue Barry would likely be better off if he were a little less blueberry-ish, that is round... He needs to work up some stamina if he wants to keep up with Cali.

In the end,  pooches and humans had a nice trek.

Dynamic duo headed out for the wilds of Aquatic Park
Pit stop to recover and refuel
Cali says stretching helps to maintain maximum athletic form.  Blue Barry hopes there is a treat coming his way

Just resting here to catch my breath, again, but look how cute I am
Lots of heavy DB (Dog Breath) going on.

Whee, this shade feels mighty good...


Karen Anderson said...

Fun stuff!! Thanks for posting this!!

Lisa G. said...

I love Blue Barry's meaty feeties. He's a big slice of beef cake.