Thursday, May 29, 2008

Looking for Love? Trisha has plenty to spare

Yes indeed. This beautiful red-headed pooch is a favorite with shelter volunteers. Her gorgeous red coat, golden eyes and loving personality make her a winning combination! Volunteer Chuck was taking her out for a trot in the park. I tagged along and took the video below. Trisha is suffering at the shelter and we're hoping we can find her a ticket out of there sometime soon. She deserves the best. Watch "Trish the Dish" in action:

Hanging out with Poe in the Park

On my lunchbreak from work on Tuesday I headed over to the shelter to take Poe for a spin. He's one of our longer term dogs right now and he deserves to get out of his cage as much as possible. Not to mention, he's a love dog!

The main activities of our outting were: Poe sitting for treats, Poe relaxing on my lap, Poe rolling over for a belly rub and more sitting for treats. Poe has one of the most gentle mouths in the shelter right now. He takes the much appreciated treat very softly. Good boy.

Poe Goes for the long stretch in the grass:

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Where are the pittie players?

Yes, it's true. We did a play session today without a pit! It's a rare occasion but Ivy and Pascal had great fun. Ivy likes to run so they romped around the pen. We missed the pittie wrestling but it was wonderful to see the two athletic doggies running off some of their energy. Alas, all the pictures turned out blurry due to the constant motion but that's okay :-)

New shelter pooch Chiona

What a cutie pie this girl is and she sure poses for the camera!

More Sunday doggie fun

Alan and I took Kito and Gesso over the dog run today too. Kito did very well and clearly enjoyed playing with our star player Gesso.

Sunday Play Sessions -- Lots of Doggie Glee!

There was lots of doggie fun at the shelter today. Steve and I first took out:

Chiona & Shadow
They were a perfect match! They were having so much fun it was hard to take them back to the kennel. Chiona is new to the shelter. Steve says she's pretty easy to handle and she clearly likes to play. Apparently she was an owner-surrender though her computer record doesn't say why.

Watch the video:

Adoption Success Story: August

August's adoption was one of those miracles that occasionally crop up at the shelter. He was a lively, energetic pooch and he wasn't doing well being cooped up in the kennel. Many of the regular volunteers feared he wouldn't make it out of the shelter and his undesirable behaviors were becoming more and more challenging to curb. Thanks to Alan he was able to hang on until his adopter, Bob, showed up last month. Bob had seen August on the internet, enjoyed the videos, and drove all the way out from Lodi (over 50 miles from Berkeley) to meet him one Sunday afternoon. Fotunately, Alan was on hand and was able to introduce him to August. Alan was careful to be up front about August's issues so that Bob understood that August would need training and guidance. Thanks Alan!

Since then Bob has been in touch with Alan and he forwarded some pictures of August in his new life. Apparently he goes to work with his dad in his truck and gets to hang out on the job sites. Needless to say, we are thrilled to hear that things are working out.

Saturday, May 24, 2008