Saturday, July 28, 2012

July's Volunteer of the Month


Angelika is one of best young volunteers. Hopefully this is the start of a long career at BACS. Thanks for spending so much of your time with the dogs, Angelika! 

What do you do when you're not at the shelter?

When I'm not at BACS I am normally playing softball, going to school, working my part-time jobs: youth softball umpire and dog training and walking. I am going to be entering freshman year at Berkeley High School.

Why did you initially decide to volunteer at BACS?

I became a BACS volunteer completely on accident. I have always loved dogs (my first words were 'sit' and 'dog'). When I was 8 I really wanted to volunteer. My parents didn't help me sign up so I couldn't go. Spring 2011 a family friend of mine invited me to what I thought was a class on dog training technique. Only after the orientation started did I realize what it really was. Amelia's talk interested me enough to stay and become a volunteer.

What are your favorite things about volunteering?

My favorite part about volunteering is the dogs. They're always the highlight of my day. I like really getting to know an individual dog and working hard to make them happier and more adoptable. I take pit bulls to BAD RAP training class. I also like all the people there. I'd have to say my favorite part is when I can tell a dog trusts and likes me.

Who are your favorite dogs, past and present?

My favorite past dogs are Bagel, Joey, Breeze, Chewy, Girlie, Prudence, Sweet Pea, Hazel(Honey) and Lady Belle. My favorite dogs that are avalible now are Decker, Olive, Raider(Boris) and Boris.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hanging out with Harley

It was great to see Harley smiling during an outing to Aquatic Park today. As previously reported, Harley is whip-smart and very treat motivated.

We practiced sitting on the grass...

And on the table...

And on a fallen tree trunk.

The highlight was the sun-bathing stretch where Harley very happily gnawed on a bully stick.

Harley has the cutest little paws with black toenails.

Not to mention her adorable little white teeth

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

BAD RAP class check-in

Let's see who is doin' it and doin' it and doin' it well at class. And what is with these super-rectangular pictures? I have a new smart phone and I hate these skinny pictures. If anyone can provide IT assistance please let me know.

But let's focus on the dogs...

Anne has Eagle in perfect down-stay. Eagle has really made a lot of progress at class!

Hui-Shan brought Harley to class. Harley is probably the smartest one in class - and that includes both dogs and humans. She's super-sharp.

Now that Kauz has been re-adopted, Jessica has moved on to Ozzie. Look at this nice sit, in his very first class.

Miles was also making his class debut and looked great. He can be a little antsy in his kennel, but he was very composed in class. Nick was able to put him in a "down".

Here are a couple of old hands. Bernard was very overwhelmed by the class environment at first, but Peter's work with him has really paid off.

Speaking of overwhelmed, Elizabeth is coming to class though she's still a little too shy to participate. She and DeAnna are moving closer to the group each week, and Elizabeth is getting more and more curious about exactly what is going on out there. I bet they'll be active participants soon.

Jeannie is also coming to class with Michelle, but they've been promoted to expert level already. Raider, Decker, Olive, Charlie, Moose, and Tori are also class regulars. The recently adopted Optimus (now Diesel) and Josie have also been making appearances.

Great to see so many hands on deck!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Decker: Goofball Extraordinaire

Decker has a growing fan base at the shelter and it's no surprise. This silly pooch is a delight! He's so playful and entertaining and loves to engage with humans and his doggy friends.

It's hard to take a bad picture of this squishy, big-headed boy!

Decker wears his heart on his... umm... sleeve. Here he pulls out all stops in his attempt to woo Harley who apparently was waiting on a more sophisticated, less obvious overture. They had a nice walk together but the real play fun was had with Jeannie (below).

Friday, July 6, 2012

Close-up on Raider

Our boy Raider was sooo happy to spend some time sunbathing in the park today. It was such a pleasure to see him looking so relaxed. Raider appeared to relish the doggie massage too. Good sweet boy.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Eagle's Sunday Stroll

Eagle stepped out on Sunday for a pleasant bit of sightseeing.

First stop was the Waterside Cafe to test out the chairs so nicely arranged to view the water.

Before departing, Eagle partook of a beef stick to gather energy for the rest of the trip.

Next a moment of repose to ponder the lovely mural adorning one of the park buildings.

"BE KIND" it read. Yes indeed, words to live by. In particular, be kind to doggies!

A little doga was then in order. Ah, feel that stretch...

Finally, Eagle topped it all off with a fun game of catch the spray from an unusual drinking faucet.