Tuesday, July 17, 2012

BAD RAP class check-in

Let's see who is doin' it and doin' it and doin' it well at class. And what is with these super-rectangular pictures? I have a new smart phone and I hate these skinny pictures. If anyone can provide IT assistance please let me know.

But let's focus on the dogs...

Anne has Eagle in perfect down-stay. Eagle has really made a lot of progress at class!

Hui-Shan brought Harley to class. Harley is probably the smartest one in class - and that includes both dogs and humans. She's super-sharp.

Now that Kauz has been re-adopted, Jessica has moved on to Ozzie. Look at this nice sit, in his very first class.

Miles was also making his class debut and looked great. He can be a little antsy in his kennel, but he was very composed in class. Nick was able to put him in a "down".

Here are a couple of old hands. Bernard was very overwhelmed by the class environment at first, but Peter's work with him has really paid off.

Speaking of overwhelmed, Elizabeth is coming to class though she's still a little too shy to participate. She and DeAnna are moving closer to the group each week, and Elizabeth is getting more and more curious about exactly what is going on out there. I bet they'll be active participants soon.

Jeannie is also coming to class with Michelle, but they've been promoted to expert level already. Raider, Decker, Olive, Charlie, Moose, and Tori are also class regulars. The recently adopted Optimus (now Diesel) and Josie have also been making appearances.

Great to see so many hands on deck!

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