Saturday, July 28, 2012

July's Volunteer of the Month


Angelika is one of best young volunteers. Hopefully this is the start of a long career at BACS. Thanks for spending so much of your time with the dogs, Angelika! 

What do you do when you're not at the shelter?

When I'm not at BACS I am normally playing softball, going to school, working my part-time jobs: youth softball umpire and dog training and walking. I am going to be entering freshman year at Berkeley High School.

Why did you initially decide to volunteer at BACS?

I became a BACS volunteer completely on accident. I have always loved dogs (my first words were 'sit' and 'dog'). When I was 8 I really wanted to volunteer. My parents didn't help me sign up so I couldn't go. Spring 2011 a family friend of mine invited me to what I thought was a class on dog training technique. Only after the orientation started did I realize what it really was. Amelia's talk interested me enough to stay and become a volunteer.

What are your favorite things about volunteering?

My favorite part about volunteering is the dogs. They're always the highlight of my day. I like really getting to know an individual dog and working hard to make them happier and more adoptable. I take pit bulls to BAD RAP training class. I also like all the people there. I'd have to say my favorite part is when I can tell a dog trusts and likes me.

Who are your favorite dogs, past and present?

My favorite past dogs are Bagel, Joey, Breeze, Chewy, Girlie, Prudence, Sweet Pea, Hazel(Honey) and Lady Belle. My favorite dogs that are avalible now are Decker, Olive, Raider(Boris) and Boris.

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