Sunday, June 30, 2013

Scenes from Sunday Doggie Play

Lots of doggy silliness today starring LIZ.   The festivities started out with the hard-to-beat Liz and Cali combination.  Those girls love to run and wrestle with each other.   We love to see them having a blast!

Once Liz & Cali had worked off just a big of their energy, we introduced new girl Dede into the mix.  She was a bit cowed by their fast and furious pace.  So, we decided to give her another try in a future play session.

Next Jasper came over for the Liz experience.  

Upside down Liz & Jasper

Taking a breather

We ended the doggie session by introducing Liz (now just a little bit tired) to BlueBarryHere's Liz moving in for the kiss.

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Too cute!!!