Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Stak busts a move or two...

Today I had the pleasure of trekking all the way around Aquatic Park with Stak.  She may be solid but she can sure move!   That is, until we stopped by the platform overlooking the water...

The long bridge walk to the end gave Ms. Stak pause.   She hunkered down low and with a little encouragement ventured out to the unknown!

Yay!   She made it!

Actually, it's kind of pleasant out here.   Who knew?

We finished the warm trip around the other side of the lake  and arrived at the Sahara desert...

Well, actually it's the front play yard at the shelter.  No camels here.  Just little old Stak!

Finally, we spent a little time practicing the "sit" command.  Stak feels the beat... sorta.

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