Saturday, June 21, 2008

Black dogs never look dirty



Yes, there's a compelling practical reason to adopt a black shelter pooch: their coats hide dirt better! As you may already be aware, black shelter dogs are less likely to be adopted. It's sad but true. There's no one simple explanation for why this might be. Is it superstition? Do they look more menacing? Too ordinary? Whatever the case, a dark colored dog is going to wait longer to find a home. Bark Magazine did a nice article on this black dog dilemma.

We seem to have an unusually high number of black (or dark chocolate colored) pooches at the shelter right now. Even worse, several of them are pit bulls which adds up to two strikes: color and breed. Alas. These dogs are just as loyal and loving as any other color of dog.

In addition:
-- Black dogs are easy to find in the snow.
-- Black is a formal, elegant, and prestigious color!
-- Black goes with everything so you and your dog will never clash.
-- Black is made up of every color in the spectrum not just one!

Another challenge is that it's often hard to get good photographs of black dogs to display on the web. Their features aren't as visible so adopters are less likely to find them appealing. Here's a picture roundup of our current shelter crew. Let's hope some folks will "do the right thing" and give these sweet doggies a second look.


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