Monday, June 16, 2008

Isaac and Ivy Step Out

I was keen to do another play session with Isaac since he's such a lovable lunk. In the previous doggie play fest he had come on a bit strong with hormones raging. However, the neutering has done wonders for him I'm pleased to report. Steve and I opted to try him with Ivy mainly because all the other female candidates had been out on a walk already.

Ivy is very bouncy and barky and she likes to dash madly around the dog run. Isaac wasn't quite sure what to make of her squeals and antics. He was keen to engage more with Steve than the crazy shepherd girl. We were a bit wary of dropping the leashes because we weren't sure how Isaac would respond. However, once we gave them free rein they were fine together. Unfortunately we had to cut the play short because the water pails were empty. Isaac kept licking the empty bucket.

So, we took them to the shelter, gave them some water and then proceeded on a walk. It was fun to see this unlikely pair trotting companionably next to each other. Steve says Isaac is very easy to manage and he's eager to please. Good boy!

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karen said...

Nothing melts my heart more than pittie smiles.