Sunday, June 8, 2008

My heart goes out to Mickey

He's a big dog cooped up in a small kennel. Indeed. This boy is clearly very unhappy to be caged up. He can appear to be pretty ferocious when you walk by his kennel and he's barking loudly. However, once you've leashed him up and taken him outside he is transformed. This elegant boy is quite easy to walk on the leash despite his size. Mickey walks along companionably with you and is more than happy to sit for a treat in the park. He's very treat-motivated and if you run your hand along his back you'll feel his spine quite prominently. Underneath all that gorgeous black hair he's a pretty skinny pooch. My hunch is that he may be older than 3 years. His more sedate pace and the white under his chin suggest he's earned a few more years than that.

Steve and I took him out with Chiona (a youngster by comparison) today. Mickey seems like he's interested in other dogs so we wanted to give him a chance to interact. Chiona was eager to play and she made some overtures but Mickey was content with a few sniffs. She was very polite and didn't push her energy on him. It was nice to see the two black pooches interact a bit and then continue on with the walk.

Mickey & Chiona Say Hello

What can we do to get this handsome, gentle boy out of the shelter??

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crhellmuth said...

We are interested in meeting Mickey, but cannot come this weekend. Can I arrange a visit some time next week? I would like to meet him and bring my adult daughter. I have filled out the application and will fax it to you on Monday. Please let me know if Mickey is still available. Thank you, Cynthia Hellmuth,