Thursday, June 12, 2008

Otis: From shelter dog to artist's muse

Otis is one of those dropdead gorgeous dogs -- the "Angeline Jolie of dogs" as someone said. However, he had a bit of an "eyeore-ish" quality about him during his stay at the shelter. He never really showed much happy doggie energy and was clearly having a really hard time being in the shelter. Indeed, as time progressed volunteers worried that Otis wasn't going to make it out at all. He was starting to act up in the kennel and things weren't looking good. A volunteer was taking Otis to the BADRAP training class each week where he did quite well. So, the volunteer was dismayed to hear that Otis's number might be up.

And then... along came a home. Happy Days. Otis is now living with a nice young couple and his new brother Cisco. During the follow-up call to check on Otis we heard from his new mom that "when he was getting his first teeth cleaning at the vet, the vet noticed that his lower canine was partially broken off and that the nerves under it were all exposed. So all this time, he has been in excruciating pain (that's how the vet described it and my heart puckered.) But it was not a problem and Otis went through surgery that day and got that all fixed. And his disposition changed dramatically and is a lot happier now!"

Hallejulah. It's music to our ears to hear such good news. In addition, Otis has a new job as model for his mom's artistic explorations. Check out some of her work presented here.

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Gamespy said...

Otis is a wonderful, easy-going dog. My wife and I are lucky to have him in our household.
He is also a drool-making-machine.