Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Who Is That Handsome Guy?

It is Phil!!!! Remember the poor pittie dumped in front of the shelter with wounds all over his body? Although he was not a pleasant sight to behold back then, his sweet personality shined through and touched us all. This amazing survivor ended up getting adopted right away by a very caring family. Now look at him! Phil is a drop dead gorgeous guy with a heart of gold to match.


Pam said...

Beautiful commentary, Loraine.

Emily said...

I remember the Saturday morning that Phil came in. I was at the front desk when I heard that there was nice person out in front of the shelter with a dog who had followed him from Aquatic Park. I expected someone's escaped Golden Retriever, but no. When I opened the back door, there was Phil: filthy, oozing blood, and ready to give me kisses as soon as I called him over. His capacity for optimism and utter forgiveness was amazing.

Lizzy said...

I'm a volunteer who works at Happy Hound doggy day care where Phil comes once a week. We love him!!! What a great guy with a sweet family.