Monday, June 9, 2008

May I help you? (Puzzle's trying to share the love...)

You look like you need some kisses!
Below you'll see that Puzzle was trying to woo shelter dog Faye with his best moves and adoration (note the tail wagging)

...unfortunately for him, Faye wasn't taking the bait.

Hark, I smell a hottie heading my direction...

HI! Hey there! Hellooo!
I'm Puzzle what's your na... (see Faye's little face peeking up, just left of Puzzle? She's hard to see in front of the volunteer's black shirt.)
Um wait, where are you going? But...
(Shoot, was it my breath?)
Hang on, I'll come with you...!!
Darn it! I can't get over this annoying barrier thing!!
Oh well, I'll just go kiss some human friends...

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Pam said...

Pretty darned cute, Joyce!