Saturday, June 14, 2008

Elderly dog rescued from shelter

It is always particularly wrenching when an elderly dog is either dumped at the shelter or shows up as a stray. We want to believe that every dog is beloved and will live out their final years in the comfort of a home. Perhaps it's also unsettling because we know that one day when we reach an advanced age that our circumstances could change for the worse.

Whatever the case, we are so grateful that Raven, a sweet, small Rottweiler mix who showed up last November, was able to move onto a much better situation. He had previously been picked up by an animal control officer and returned to his home. This time the owner was unwilling to bail him out. Raven is 16 years old.

Fortunately, Rottie Angel Rescue agreed to rescue Raven and ensure that he is loved and cared for until the end. We cannot thank them enough. Raven stopped by this past Friday and we snapped these pictures in the lobby. We wish all senior dogs were this lucky!

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Pam said...

Rachel, I remember Raven so clearly. I sat in kennel #53 with him for hours, the guillotine door 3/4s shut to keep out the cold November air, head on my lap for what I thought were his last remaining days on this earth. When I came in to find his kennel empty, I assumed he had passed, but was told that Rottie Angels rescued him. I could hardly believe my ears-- and here he is, more than six months later. Thank you so very much for documenting this miracle with your camera.