Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Melvin and his latest fanclub members

I stopped by the shelter today to do the review walk of two new pooches who arrived at the shelter together last week. These pit mix girls, Ellie & Pearl are real sweeties! Ellie in particular offers lots of kisses and is quite submissive; she rolls over on her back a lot. Pearl, with the black and white coloring, is a bit more nervous about her surroundings still. She barked at the fire hydrant and the doggie carved into the stone bench. She also appears to be the more "alpha" of the two pooches. However, she's more than happy to share some love with you. Neither girlie wanted to walk very far but definitely blossomed and became more comfortable when they were around each other.

We were hanging out in front of the shelter when ACO Melvin stopped by to say "hi" to us. Well, these two dogs were all over him with kisses and affection. I was impressed that they were so immediately friendly and excited to see him. No doubt it's due to his charms (Hi Melvin) but it probably didn't hurt that the had taken the girls out to the back play area earlier in the day to romp around. They clearly appreciated it!

Stop by to meet the sisters. They really are unusually sweet.


Pam said...

Very cute, Rachel . . . and Melvin.

RoseAnn said...

I adopted Ellie 3 weeks ago! She is so sweet! She meets everyone who comes through the door with a wiggly, licky, excited greeting. She loves our grandchildren and the feeling is mutual! She gets so excited to play with the kids but settles down nicely when they are gone.
She does well with other dogs but really identifies with me and follows me from room to room. She trains easily because she is so eager to please
She was completely house trained and the vet says she is 12 to 18 months old.
After only 3 weeks we love her to pieces!!
I hope someone special adopts Pearl. I believe these dogs had a well socialized upbringing and I'm sure Pearl will be as great a companion for someone as Ellie is for me!!

Cynthia said...

Pearl was adopted! My roommate and I adopted Pearl about 10 days ago and she is doing well, learning how to relax and enjoy life. She is a real sweetie under her timid exterior and she wiggles from nose to tail when one of us comes home. She is just starting to get comfortable enough to eat her whole bowl of food without panicking and she had a run around romp session with my chihuahua earlier today in the park. She is so pretty too! We love the Pearly-Girl!

Lee said...

Recent pictures of Pearl are here:

She had a good bath yesterday and her fur is all soft and shiny. After her time at the shelter, she definitely appreciates a quiet, comfortable home.