Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I ran into Rosie and her new person, Matt: "Rosie is doing great. We took her to Montclair and she got a clean bill of health, in addition to all her shots. We love the new addition to our family. Rosie LOVES to play fetch; it is her favorite. We have been taking her to the Rockridge dog park, Point Isabel, on hikes, etc. She gets along well with most dogs, but seems to care less about them; she prefers to play fetch. We are taking her camping this weekend for the holiday." Lucky Rosie! . . . Lucky Matt!

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Rachel said...

What a pleasure to see our Rosie lounging on her signature bed. We love this girl. She was a the shelter way too long and she deserves the best. She was one of the sweetest, most photogenic dogs to grace the shelter. Thanks so much to her adopters for giving her a chance and a great home.