Saturday, July 5, 2008

Even sweet puppy, Piglet, faces APBT prejudices

We have had Piglet for about 3 months now and she is doing great! She loves the kids and her new big brother Simon. They get along great, but sometimes her puppiness can be a bit much for him, so we give him a break from time to time. She also loves chasing our two cats, but their relationship is getting a little better each week. She is a supersmart puppy. The kids taught her to sit in about an hour. She learned to shake by watching Simon do it twice. When she is hiking offleash, she will sit on command. She usually comes back (unless she sees a squirrel!) We are working on that.

I have to say that one of the negative things we have had to deal with since adopting her is people who are scared of her because of her breed. She is the sweetest and least dog aggressive dog we have ever had, but people are really scared of her sometimes and that makes me so sad. I was walking her on the trail and this little dauschund was growling, lunging at Piglet and she was just standing there looking at him. The owner of the dauschund was still terrified of Piglet and asking if she was friendly. It was funny, but sad for me at the same time. To be fair, there have been plenty of people who have said many nice things about her when we are out too. I have just not ever had to deal with the APBT prejudices firsthand, so I guess I am just suprised.
We are so glad that we found her thru your organization. She is a great dog and we love her so much! Thanks for all the work you do-

Jady Cheng

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