Saturday, July 19, 2008

Onslow: Office dog extraordinaire

Onslow is a good sport! He puts up with a lot during his visits to the shelter office. This includes being dressed up in silly jackets (picture above) and being pestered by a steady stream of shelter dogs who are brought up for some time behind the counter in the lobby. Unlike, the shelter resident dogs however, Onslow goes home each night to his own bed. Lucky boy. At least he is now anyway.

Onslow showed up at the shelter over 8 years ago. He had been found tied up to a fence in San Leandro where he was being harrassed by other dogs. When he arrived at the shelter he was emaciated and dispirited. Poor pooch. However, Onslow caught the sympathetic eye of Animal Control Office Marcie who took him home and has given him the life that every dog should have. Thank you to Marcie for saving a wonderful dog who continually reminds us of the happy endings that shelter dogs can have.

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A Pit lover, not the misunderstood ones said...

Onslow was the name of a very special Pit (Companion Animal), one of 8 pups, from an abused mother who had to have multiple surgeries to survive... "Ollo" died a few weeks ago of multiple cancers, but all he met he loved and you couldn't have asked for a better, loving dog. His twin brother, BA (Bad Attitude) is still alive, but misses his brother so very much. They began as pups and made it to their 10th birthday. I thank my son for the love he had for these special dogs and his love for this breed of misunderstood anmals. I miss you Onslow, but glad to see this special name lives on. A mixed breed, Ogee (dog without the d) is showing this special breed, nothing but loyalty and love.