Thursday, July 31, 2008

Poe finds his forever home!

I was fortunate to be at the shelter yesterday (with camera on hand) when long time resident Poe went home with his new person. Smiles were wide and bright on us all seeing Poe leave with a such loving person. At BACS since 1/14/08, it appears the wait was well worth it for this special guy!

Here is an e-mail written today to Pam (who facilitated this whole adoption from start to finish) after his first night at home:

Poe is great! He is a total loving boy. I think I'm going to stick with the name Poe - I like it. He hasn't left my side the entire time. We walked last night and he even went with me to my outdoor bootcamp today. Everyone loved him and he ran with us too. I took him to Pet Food Express today for a bath and some treats and a new - more masculine - collar and leash. He's really amazing. I'm working on the housetraining but so far not bad. Just peed once - nothing else.

You (Pam) were so wonderful to work with me like you did in getting the right fit. Poe is definitely the one. My two boys can't wait to meet him. I've been sending them photos. I'll send you the photos I took of Poe tomorrow (I stayed home with him today to make sure the gate got finished in the back). Of course, the first thing he did was jump up and lay down on the couch. That's his favorite place. Thanks again and I will stop by sometime so everyone can say "HI" to Poe and check him out.

THANK YOU PAM!!!!!!!!!


Pam said...

Credit belongs to Poe's winning smile and personality (not to mention those ears!), all of which helped to charm Poe right into Susan's heart (and home).

2beemo said...

I'm so happy for Poe! He's such a great dog and had all the moves down at Saturday pit ed classes. Congratulations!!

Lizzy said...

I had so much fun taking Poe to pit ed. I'll miss his goofy smile and excellent cuddling skills. I'm so glad he found the home he deserves!