Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bundles (aka Fidel) is Growing Up

Little Bundles is growing up! Monkey and I had the pleasure of running into Bundles (aka Fidel) the other day in Temescal with his new person, Grayson. Fidel was happily scampering alongside Grayson, who uses a wheelchair (and to which Fidel was tethered) for mobility. Grayson reports that Fidel is doing quite well in his Sirius puppy training classes, and that he is an overall joy to have in his life. Fidel is growing up into quite a handsome young fellow, with beautiful faint brindled markings on his back, and light tan patches behind his ears. It will be fun to watch this sweetie-pie as he gets older to see just what his adult coat will look like. Hopefully, we will get some pictures soon-- as promised.

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