Friday, July 11, 2008

Dogo a Deux

For a brief time this afternoon, we had two Argentine Dogos at the shelter. A nice young man who already has a Dogo, Stella, was interested in introducing our own Philippa to her. He had Stella at the dog park one day and the woman who actually found Philippa on the streets and brought her to safety with us mentioned that our shelter currently has a Dogo mix. He has been thinking of getting a companion for Stella so he came by to meet Philippa.

We brought the two big girls over to the dog run. Philippa was obviously thrilled to be out of her kennel. She sniffed around the dog run and initially ignored Stella. Philippa loves people and frankly is more interested in us than her fellow canines. However, after a while, she and Stella sniffed each other and did some silly play bows. Philippa rolled over on her back even.

At one point, both dogs were tugging on a toy together. That's a lot of dog power! They did get a bit cranky over a toy though it wasn't anything horrible. In the end, after discussions with the potential adopters and Kate, it was decided that a male dog would be a better and likely easier pal to bring into the home for Stella. Stella is only one year old and as she matures she could be more dominant. Philippa is already three years old and less interested in play anyway.

It was time well spent though to find out more about Philippa and give her some extra time out of the kennel. She could likely be placed in a home with another dog. Philippa is such a loving, affectionate pooch. We hope that she can find a home which will appreciate her sweet nature and let her know that the world can be a wonderful place.


Anonymous said...

Has she been adopted?
Call me - my email is down. My wife and I may be interested in this sweet girl.
916 813 7436
Thanks very much!


Loraine said...

Kevin has been called...Philippa is still available.

Anonymous said...


Would this dog be suitable for a tall, strong-willed five year-old if under supervision by her parents? I have read some of the sites about the Dogo and I like the fact that they are large, but very family oriented. However, the mom of the house is a petite person, though she gets along well with my Doberman (they want me to give him to them, but I won't!). Perhaps Philippa would like to have a child of her own?

Thanks for your time,

Anonymous said...

i am very interested in this beautiful girl. please contact me
510 499 1519

michael said...

This is a wonderful wonderful dog for the right person. My wife and I met her today and fell in love with her immediately; unfortunately, our apartment classifies this breed as aggressive because it has been bred from the Mastiff line, and we were unable to take her. If you're looking for a gorgeous dog who can be playful and yet still super cuddly, please go check her out. We'd hate to see her end up in the wrong hands!