Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bo: The Velveteen Pooch

Ah dear Bo. As some of you already know, Bo arrived at the shelter with ugly burn wounds on his shoulders and head. He was also very, very skinny. It is distressing to imagine the cause of such injuries. Instead, his fanclub of volunteers have been focussing on letting Bo know how much we care about him. Bo, known affectionately as "BoBo" and "Bowrinkle" is one sweet pooch wrapped up in what some perceive to be a scary looking doggie body. Au contraire. He's quite a softie and anyone put off by his big head and dark coat are missing out on one swell pooch. The velvety sheen of his coat and ears reminds me of a child's beloved stuffed animal. Perhaps the doggie version of "The Velveteen Rabbit." We love this boy and we do so hope we can find him a home that will give him the love and attention that has eluded him thus far in life. He deserves a soft bed in a warm home more than we can say.

I snapped these pictures of Bo when he was out on a walk with Chuck. They're working on "sit", "down," and bellyrubs. It's a lovely sight to see. Thanks Chuck.

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