Sunday, July 20, 2008

Chiona's Big Adventure

The Annual Bay to Barkers doggie fun event was held today. Our shelter had a booth there and I decided to take one of our doggies over as a field trip of sorts. Deciding which pooch would do okay in an environment filled with other dogs was a challenge. However, I know Chiona is doing very well in BadRap training class and that she's great with other dogs on pack walks and in play sessions.

It was the right choice. Chiona had a blast and she was a well-behaved superstar at the event! It was such a joy to walk Ms. Chiona around and see how well she intereacted with each dog and person that we encountered. She did some wrestling with another young pittie boy, exchanged polite sniffs with an older dog and greeted every other dog respectfully. Everyone she met was charmed by her confident and cuddly personality.

On the way there in my truck she lolled on her back in the seat and played with the ball. As we made the short trek back to the shelter she rested her little chin on my leg and closed her eyes for a quick snooze. What a treasure of a dog. I hope someone realizes this soon and takes her home for good!

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Pam said...

Thank you for taking her, Rachel. Perhaps now having seen what a delight Chiona is, some prospective adopters will not dismiss the idea of coming down to our shelter, simply because we have so many pitties. And thank you, Loraine for teaching her so effectively each week in class.