Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fiona (aka Suzie Q) RIP

Hi Berkeley Animal Shelter Team,
I wanted to share some sad news with you. I adopted Fiona (aka. Susie Q) the night before Thanksgiving 2007. She was a senior dog looking to spend her senior years with a good family. We were told that she had a heart murmur, was severely over weight and had a few other minor complications, but it didn't deter me from adopting her. She had a the most beautiful eyes and loving personality that it out weighed her minor health conditions. I just wanted to ensure a good life for her.

Last night my husband brought her to the emergency vet because she was breathing rapidly. He was told some devastating news. Fiona had an enlarged heart causing fluid to build up in her lungs, causing her to gasp for air. We had to make the tough decision to end her suffering.

I wanted to share this news with you. Although Fiona had a short time with us, it was time well spent. She became part of the family. We traveled with her to many places, enjoyed family parties, and enjoyed our many outings to Pt. Isabel (although she couldn't walk very far, she enjoyed being pushed in her pet stroller).Attached is a photo of Fiona. She is on the right with the floppy ears and big smile.

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Augie Ray said...

Very sorry to hear your news. Glad you could provide her with the good family she needed for her final year.