Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy News!!

Queenie has been adopted!

Words cannot express how happy this adoption makes me. For those of you that have been following the blog - you'll know that I have a real soft spot for Queenie. She always manages to bring a smile to my face with her snorting, her ridiculously large butt wiggles, and her romping through the play area like a puppy (a very big puppy...).

When Queenie first arrived at the shelter she was so mellow. Incredibly gentle, docile, easy to handle. The only reason Queenie was required to be walked by experienced 'red dot walkers' was because of her strength and size. Queenie was gentle and cuddly, confident and happy. I fell in love with her enthusiasm for life and her appetite for fun.

However, with each passing day, week, and month at the shelter Queenie began to become a different dog. She began developing some behavioral problems due to lack of exercise, stimulation, and contact with humans and dogs alike. My heart ached seeing her kept in the kennel. When I would pass by her kennel door, she would look at me and there were times where you could see just pure "panic in her eyes", as one volunteer puts it. And it's true - she was panicked.

This past week before Queenie's adoption, she was scheduled to be put to death. She had become so difficult that she was almost dangerous for some volunteers to take her outside. No longer safe to collar and leash up, volunteers could not take her for walks. Queenie needed to get out of the shelter and she needed to get out that day.

Queenie's adopters knew about her circumstances and knew that time was of the essence, so they came in to meet her the morning she was originally scheduled to be put down. Her PTD date was extended because they wanted to come in to meet her for a second time the following weekend. A volunteer, Suzanne, agreed to let Queenie stay at her home for a few times to relax, decompress, and gain some of her sanity back before her next visit with them.

When Queenie came back to the shelter on Saturday morning she reminded me of her old self. Calm, cool, and collected. The panic in her eyes was gone. I accidentally interrupted the meeting between Queenie and her adopters when I walked into the kitchen. There they were, hugging her on the floor - and she was practically melting in their arms.

To Suzanne and Kate - thank you for believing in Queenie as much as I did. Thank you for giving her the time she needed. To Queenie's future dads - I hope she fills your home and lives with as much happiness as she has brought to mine. Thank you for giving her the home that she so richly deserves.


Summer said...

Thats great about Queenie!

She is so sweet!

Addie said...

My mom and I took Sox out with potential adopters today, but then they told us they had a cat, soof course it didn't really work out.. Sox is so sweet!

John P said...


Joel said...

It's great to see a few of the old hands at the shelter finally finding homes after long waits, hopefully it can continue.

Joshuainsf said...

Thank you for the wonderful write up for Queenie, Sam. We're very excited to be picking up our special girl this afternoon- and have been counting down the hours (since Saturday)! We spent the rest of the weekend out and about picking up things to help ease her transition.

(I'm beside myself with joy!)

Carlos and I are so incredibly thankful to everyone at the shelter for making it possible for us to bring her home. What each of you does for these wonderful animals is truly inspiring, and humbling.

Thank you all for what you give- and for making a difference in the lives of these wonderful souls. :-)

Josh & Carlos