Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Funny Teddy

I was drawn to Teddy since day one. His piercing yellow eyes (a telling sign of his burning energy and enthusiasm) and happy character are too much to resist. This dog shows you how to have a good time, how to get out on a walk and just let loose. He’s not afraid of jumping in puddles, or of running free and wild through a grassy field. He helps you to forget all worries and to just be in the moment. Walking him after a stressful day at school, I imagine he would say to me “Just enjoy the view, each other’s company, and have fun for goodness sake.”

I have to admit, Teddy’s tongue is really fun to be licked with. He sends you into a laughing fit as he manages to lick every square inch of your face. I think he enjoys this “torture” too. If he’s not licking you, he’s trying to crawl into your lap, despite his big-boy size, which he sometimes fails to acknowledge.

You will never catch this dog without a smile on his face. Teddy teaches a valuable lesson of how to enjoy life and how to pull yourself out of a funk and enjoy the day. Teddy makes the most of his situation and does not fail to recognize and appreciate the loving workers and volunteers around him. To show his appreciation, Teddy often presses against my legs, nuzzles me with his head, and as we walk he looks up at me as if to ask “Are you having a good time too?” He is very considerate and aware of his walker.

I look forward every day to Teddy’s characteristic waddle, an endearing little strut that reveals his excitement and enthusiasm, and I wonder what adventure he’ll show me next. He is a true treasure; there is so much spunk and love packed into this doggy.

Submitted with love by BACS Volunteer Courtney S.


Sam said...

I'm sure Teddy likes you just as much as you like him, Courtney. Thanks for giving Teddy the love he deserves :)

Beguito said...

Dear Courtney. You are dedicated volunteer. Thank you for the exciting report. Big Guy