Friday, February 19, 2010

Dana Blossoms

Out walking yesterday at Aquatic Park, I crossed paths with another volunteer who was walking Dana. And I let him in on the secret of happy walks with her: stop every 20 or 30 feet and give her a hug. Because Dana, young and athletic and energetic as she is, is first and foremost a love bug. She'll choose hugging over walking any day. We often sit on a bench at the park and watch the ducks; she's content to sit quietly with her head in my lap, looking up for scratches and more affection.

I've always suspected that Dana really likes other dogs -- I already know that she loves kids, though very small ones scare her -- so today we took Dana and Teddy (a wonderful guy himself) on a "play date". And boy, did they have a great time! Those two would make terrific full time companions, though I think each of them would be a great companion for any like-minded dog.


Courtney said...

Dana's hugs are the best. I love how she just stops in the middle of walks, turns around, smiles at you, and then comes in for a hug. I had no idea that Dana was good with other dogs. This makes me so happy. I am thrilled that two of my best buds get along!

Sam said...

Yay! How much fun :) I'm so glad that Teddy and Dana got to play and burn off some of their contagious energy. They're such great dogs to spend time with.