Friday, February 26, 2010

Walkin' with Sadie Girl

Studying the unique pattern of Sadie's distinct patches of dark velvet grey against patches of snow white is enough to make a walk with her interesting. But I find that Sadie has two wonderful sides to her personality, which are just as distinct yet amazingly in unison as the grey and white patches in her coat, that make a walk with her all the more interesting.

At times, Sadie is an adventurer, an explorer within the jungle of thick, tall grass and the untamed wilderness along the banks of the pond. She takes her job as an explorer very seriously. She tucks her delicate ears back against her head in a look of intense concentration. Calm and alert as she surveys the land, no bend in the pond remains undiscovered, no squirrel hole or flower escapes her inspection. Exploring is what she does best, with the maze of soft grass and trees always preferable to the rough and uninteresting asphalt. Sadie will make you feel like a little kid again, pretending like you are exploring a new, dangerous, and exciting land.

But there is another side to Sadie. When she isn't focusing on the discovery of new lands and smells, she becomes filled with a silly, playful, spirited, jump-for-joy, grab hold of the leash and play kind of energy. She can suddenly transition from the serious explorer who is enveloped in her work, to the goofiest playmate a dog walker could want. She'll turn around, give the biggest smile, and suddenly burst into an energized and loving playfulness. She'll leap in the air several times if it is enough to make you giggle and stroke her velvet coat.

A cute habit of Sadie's is to fuel up with a full belly of water before a walk. She will greet you with enthusiasm and joy, and then quickly run to her water bowl to get a tank full. She knows the great walk that's ahead of her, and she doesn't want thirst do distract her in the least from her work or play. Sadie is constantly exercising her mind and body, and will make her walker feel the same way. If you are low on energy or enthusiasm, a walk with Sadie girl in Kennel 12 comes highly recommended.


Sam said...

These photos are so great, Courtney! They show such a playful side of her....I'm sure that Sadie looks forward to your visits as much as you do. The dogs just love going on such long walks with you (50 mins or more!! WOW!). Thanks for all your hard work Courtney!

Beguito said...

Wow! I hope someone adopts Sadie soon! Beguito