Saturday, February 6, 2010

Jody's found her home

For 11 months, my best girl Jody has been waiting for a home of her very own.

And today, her wait is over.

To Fred:

Thank you. I know that Jody will fill your life with as much laughter, happiness, and love that she has brought to the staff and volunteers alike at the Berkeley Shelter. Jody is one of a kind and everyone at the shelter wishes you both the best!

We love you, Jody!


Joel said...

Congratulations Jody, we knew it would happen eventually!

I think this means Avea is now on the clock as the longest current BACS resident? She's such a goofy dog though, she actually seems to like it at the shelter.

Rob said...

Hurray! That is great news. And, on a purely selfish note, I'm glad I read this before I spent too much time editing down that video we shot today. :-)

Thank you Sam for all the effort you put into Jody and not giving up on her.

Asia said...

This is so great to hear! I absolutely LOVE Jody. She's always up for a cuddle and she makes the cutest face when she gets belly rubs!


John P said...

I am so happy for Jody I can't stand it. When I first started volunteering at the shelter she was pretty aggressive. When I saw her last week, she just wanted to cuddle and play which we did. I love Jody!

Summer said...

Jody was a great dog!!

So sweet!!

were having lots of great adoptions!!