Monday, February 1, 2010


I was touched by an angel last week. Her name was Lady. From her physical and mental condition, it is clear that her life before the shelter was not a happy one. During her short stay with us, I did everything I could to help her feel loved, cared for, wanted.

My friend, Kangs took this dear girl, who looked as though she could barely walk, for a run. It was Lady’s idea. This girl who looked as though she couldn’t stand for longer than a few moments took me all the way around Aquatic Park. Three miles.

I gave her premium wet food. I bathed her to get rid of the remnants of the past that remained on her fur. I tucked her in with blankets fresh from the dryer to warm her worn body. I lay on her Kuranda with her, spoon fashion. I told her I loved her. She, who most likely never had the opportunity or inclination to bestow a kiss upon a human, gave me a kiss.

Thank you, my Lady. Thank you for reaching deep into my heart and making me feel what it is to love a dog so completely, even one who I’ve only just met; to love a dog who touches something in you so deeply that the connection is unquestionable, visceral, permanent. Permanent, though the body leaves this earth and I can no longer hold you and show you what tenderness is, something that should have infused your entire lifespan, not just the last week of it.

Rest in Peace my dear Lady. I will never forget you.

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Joel said...

Thanks for the nice writeup Pam. It's a shame that more couldn't be done for that poor dog, and it's also a shame that a week in a shelter was probably the best week of her life. This blog is a great place to celebrate when dogs go to good homes (like Higgins) but it's also important to remember the many dogs who come in on their last legs. They deserve to be remembered just as much as the dogs that get adopted. RIP Lady, I'm sure you're happier now.