Thursday, February 4, 2010

Miss Violet on office duty

In a recent blog post, "The Shy Ones", Pam brought this to my attention in the comments section:

"And let's not forget Miss Violet, who is coming along beautifully after arriving (and remaining) in a terrified state, preferring to remain in the corner of her kennel for weeks, rather than engaging with volunteers who were eager to help her feel more comfortable. Yay-- it is finally happening!"

How could I forget Violet!? One of the sweetest, gentlest, most loving dogs I've met.

Sweet, sweet Violet.

She arrived SO shut down at the shelter that she avoided any volunteer that tried to visit her. Volunteers literally had to carry her outside to go for walks, only to have her curl up in a ball on the grass, too frightened to move.

Violet is slowly coming out of her shell - and what a beautiful dog, indeed. WONDERFUL temperament - incredibly loving, sweet, gentle. Good with everyone and cats and dogs. Just look at that face!!

Today she was happy to go outside, but upon stepping onto the pavement she looked back at me as if she were asking me to take her back inside. We turned around and headed back to the shelter. But inside of going back to her kennel, I set her up as the office dog. She got to hang out front with the other office dogs (that belong to staff members), office cats, and shelter staff.

Shy Violet received the spa treatment of her life! Her nails were clipped and her hair was brushed to show her beautiful blue coat. Violet basked in the warmth of everyone's love, kindness, and admiration for her. She enjoyed being petted, loved on, and being the center of attention today. :)

Violet really is coming along great. I can't wait to see her go to a wonderful, loving, perfect home.


Lisa G said...

I was so happy to see Violet outside on a walk this week! She's such a sweet, beautiful girl, and it's wonderful that she's building confidence. She will make someone a truly extraordinary companion.

Rob said...

I love the photo of her lounging on someone's lap. She looks so relaxed.