Wednesday, February 3, 2010


A few weeks ago a teeny-weeny puppy named Snickers came into the shelter with scabies! (Ew!) Poor little Snickers wasn't allowed to have any company or visitors in his kennel, in case his skin infection were to spread from volunteers to other dogs at the shelter. Sweet little Snickers was content to play alone in his kennel with fun stuffy toys, ropes, balls, and chew toys. Curling up on his little bed after a play session, Snickers looked like a little angel. I know it was hard for many volunteers to see him sit by himself all day without anyone to interact with...

But today was Snickers's lucky day!! His skin is all cleared up and he's got a clean bill of health! Snickers has also been given his 2nd round of vaccinations and is now ready to go out into the big wide world on his very first walk! :)

The following are two videos taken today in the shelter kitchen. Snickers was so happy to be out of his kennel and playing with people and dogs, alike. His happiness was absolutely contagious and I had to tape some of his enthusiasm and playfulness for y'all to see.
Here are 2 videos of Snickers playing with office dog, Mona.


Rob said...

Hilarious! Snickers is fearless!

Joel said...

Looks like Snickers has a pending adoption, no surprise that it didn't take him long to find a home. Good luck Snickers! I hope all dogs are as patient with you as Mona. Don't count on it though buddy.