Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Queen for a day

Queenie has become a new favorite of mine. If I can't walk her for some reason or if she was lucky enough to already have been walked - I'll still go in and visit with her for just a few minutes. I don't know what it is - but there is something about this big ass gal that I simply adore!

Perhaps it's how loving she is? She can't resist being close to you - it's like she's a magnet to your side. She'll nuzzle up next to you, give you a gentle nudge with her nose, and snort with glee when you scratch her belly.

Maybe it's because she's so playful? She has a BLAST playing in the dog run at the shelter. It is hilarious to watch this 90lb beauty romp around like a puppy, chasing after tennis balls and rope toys.

I wonder if it's because she's just so friendly? She wants to be friends with every person and every dog she meets. Being in the company of humans and canines is heaven for this angel.

Do you think it's because she's so enthusiastic, but mellow at the same time? She'll play and play and play until the cows come home, then drink a gallon of water to refuel, then gladly come and rest by your feet while you pat her head.

You know - it could be that she just flat out makes me laugh when we're together...

Like the other day -- Queenie and I took a special walk over the pedestrian bridge to a small private beach. We're walking side-by-side in the sand when all of the sudden: WHOOOSH!

A gigantic bird lands in the water not 4 feet away from Queenie when she becomes overcome with excitement and charges right after the bird. She jumped into the high-tide water without a single hesitation. SPLASH!

For a moment it looked as if Queenie had disappeared! She'd fallen to the ocean floor like a 90lb rock before she burst from the surface of the water. She howled the entire time that she came paddling out of the water, swimming for dear life to the shore. She shook off every last drop of water and for the rest of our walk on the beach, she wouldn't go anywhere near it.

Silly Queenie. Take my advice - take Queenie for a walk before she gets adopted. you won't regret it.


Janet said...

That's so funny; my pibble did the same thing in a pond. We thought he'd drowned but he came up sputtering. Eventually we taught him to swim in a harness with a long lead - once he learned, he transformed into a pittie-dolphin, diving under water to fetch branches and all kinds of balls. So much for the instinctive doggie paddle, huh?

Queenie is a magnificent, darling girl.

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