Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Doc Has Left the Building!

A beautiful thing happened this past weekend at B.A.C.S.: Doc was adopted by Don and Becky! We remembered when about two months ago Doc arrived at B.A.C.S. He was a horrible mess: covered in orange mange from his nose to his tail, open soars on all his feet, skinny and cowering at the approach of others and shaking in his skin by himself.
Something about him made us come over and meet him. Maybe he was so darned cute through all of his physical ailments. As soon as he became available for handling, we started his spa treatments. He became our personal project. We washed, walked, and played with him every weekend. It took him 13 days to stop shaking.
We gave him lots of love and affection and attention.
Many thanks to all of those who have helped Doc along the way. We want to give a special thanks to Suzanne for taking him home and making him happy. It was a privilege being there to show Doc to Don and Becky. And, thank you to Don and Becky for adopting Doc!

Submitted by Mike and Summer Vodnoy


Joel said...
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Joel said...

Thanks Mike and Summer,

It's exciting for us volunteers to get updates about the dogs once they get adopted. That picture on the car seat is by far the happiest I've ever seen Doc!

Janet said...

Yes, he's finally smiling! A bunch of us were in the training room when he hopped into his Hummer to go home. We all cheered and yelled and swelled with tears of joy.

These are the moments that make all the heart-aching work worth every second. One precious, beautiful life at a time.

Sam said...

He really does look SO happy in that first photo. Hurray DOC!

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