Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Avea the Tigger-Poo

I got a chance to take Avea to the dog run today. Actually, I didn't have much choice; she pretty much made it clear that's where she wanted to go. I think it gives her happy memories of play dates with her "boyfriend" Higgins (pictured up top).

Avea is, in a word, happy. She is such a happy little chubba-wubba! She is content to just canter around the run like a little pony, entertaining herself with a tennis ball (but she'll gladly share the fun if you join in). She'll wriggle around with glee, so glad to be out of her kennel. She gives you a sly little grin and invites you to come and play!

Avea's coloring is true brindle. With her stout little body and striped coat she reminds me of a combination of Winnie the Pooh and Tigger (too). But she might also be part duck - she loves flapping through puddles, pushing her snout through the water like a weird little submarine. I wonder if she's remembering her day at the beach.

I hope Avea will soon be able to share her happy outlook in a home that deserves and appreciates such a good-natured, happy girl.

Just noticed I used the word "happy" four times in this post - goes to show you... :)


Rob said...

Great photos of Avea! I have to join you both in the play area on Saturday to get some video of her.

Joel said...

To add a late comment to this post...when in the world is somebody going to adopt this dog? Avea is incredibly friendly, she's minimally reactive to other dogs, she knows her basic commands (sit, down, etc.), and she's hilarious. If I could handle another dog at my house she would probably be #1 on my list.

Anne Storm said...

We are planning a trip over to meet this goofy dog. Having had a goofy clown of a brindle Boxer, we are eager to have a playful pal.
Thanks to Sabrina for pointing Avea out to us!


Joel said...

That's great to hear Anne, and you're not going to find a goofier playmate than Avea. The biggest complaint I have about her is that on walks she makes a beeline to try to splash in any puddle she sees. She was the first dog I walked as a BACS volunteer and is probably my favorite, I have no idea how she has lasted this long at the shelter without somebody adopting her.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm one of the new-ish volunteers. This is great, Avea sounds really great. I haven't seen her in any of the kennels, I guess i must have missed her. What color dot is she?

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