Friday, March 1, 2013

Upside Down Dog Day

Upside Down Dog Day as celebrated by BACS pooches -- past and present

Cali is the shelter's current resident expert on upsidedownedness

BACS alum, Brass, was happy to present his stomach for a belly rub

Pretty boy Charlie moved onto a life on the road with his new family
Demonstrating the "Dawn Roll", happy girl Dawn was rescued by California Pitbull Rescue

Diamond arrived from the Berkeley streets and exited to a  home

Goofy love Decker never met a stick he couldn't wrangle.  Rescued by BadRap

Former resident star Jeannie demonstrating the sideways variation (to an awed Decker)

Mama Bear working the ball into her routine

Zuma at the mercy of his female cohorts Trixie and Cali in playgroup recently

Miss Carolina -- Our social bee -- we miss you so

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