Saturday, March 23, 2013

Little Dog Hangout

This past Friday we held a little dog meetup!  We first introduced Freud and Milo.  They sniffed each other but Freud wasn't too interested in playing really so there wasn't a lot of actionIt was great to see that Freud is okay around other dogs as he can sometimes be barky on leash when he sees another dog.

Freud (left) and Milo check each other out

We then brought Floyd over to survey the scene.  He's a tiny little guy but he can hold his own!

It's a doggie train with Floyd in the lead

Floyd is on the scent as his new pals look on
Milo looking relaxed which we love to see
Floyd looking suave in dots

At the end of the play session, we brought Zuma into the mix and the little dogs chased him around. 

Here's Zuma closing his eyes  thinking hopefully if he can't see them maybe they're not really there

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