Sunday, March 10, 2013

Liz's First Dates

Our go-go girl Liz had a couple of first dates today and she did great!   

Bachelor #1 goofy guy Zuma
Bachelor #2 smooth operator Jojo

The pictures tell it all...  Guess who was in charge?

Zuma, you're looking so lonely all the way over there... come say "hi."

Be still my heart -- that Jojo is a looker!

Come here often?

All this play is making me soooo thirsty, time to suck up some water.
Whee, Liz in repose, finally just a little bit tired.

In the end, Jojo was the bachelor of choice as he had some impressive Jagger moves which appeared to woo our Liz.  Their energy level and play styles were quite complementary.   Go doggies!

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