Sunday, March 17, 2013

Red Chair Dawgs

One of my favorite places to stop by when walking a shelter pooch is Waterside Cafe at Aquatic Park.  It's an outdoor cafe with chairs and picnic benches.  I usually just meander through with the dog, giving them a chance to do some sniffing (and maybe grab a doggie treat from the cafe).   There is one particular red adirondack chair which is perched at the waterside looking out over Aquatic Park.  

Last year when walking Eagle I decided to see if he would climb up and model for me.  Indeed, it was the inaugural sit and it inspired the rest which you will see below with varying degrees of success.

Eagle with ears at attention

Cream Cheese -- doesn't get much cuter

Julep was all smiles -- good girl!

Jojo's tongue is almost a perfect match for the chair red

Rosie -- You want me to get in that thing, seriously?

 Note:  Eagle, Cream Cheese and Julep have left the shelter and chair behind them.   Jojo & Rosie are current residents, hoping a comfy couch is in their future.


Karen Anderson said...

I love the "Red Chair Dawgs" photos! Thanks so much for sharing these!

Joel said...

This is a great idea. I love the pictures. PS do they still give shelter volunteers a discount at Waterside Cafe?

Michelle said...

Yes, I believe we get a discount if we show our nametags.

Unknown said...

I love this series. Great idea, Rachel. I look forward to seeing more posing pooches.