Saturday, March 2, 2013

Puppy Play

I wholly admit I have a penchant for larger dogs.  In all my years of volunteering at shelters I've probably walked a small dog only a dozen times!    And then there are puppies.... oh my.   Several years ago I fostered two  puppies for four days at the request of the local humane society.   Those were the longest days of my life.  It didn't help that I have a very small house and I had to keep them in a x-pen in the kitchen through which I had to walk to get to the bathroom and bedroom.

The two little black cuties  (mother was a chow, father a purebred black lab -- all puppies were black lab looking though a couple had a giveaway chow curl in their tail) were beyond active.   My own dog  was in shock that these intruders had arrived.  She shot through the kitchen and yard as quickly as she could whenever the puppies were about.   The neighborhood kids, however, were enthralled.  My puppied backyard became the focus of attention and energy for all who knew.   It was a good match:  puppies and kids to tire them out.

All that said, when I was at the shelter recently I noticed new puppy Scottie looking a little forlorn in his kennel with lots of toys but no one to wield them for him.  I couldn't not go in and give him some love and attention.   He's a bit of a rascal but with proper training, care and love he's going to be someone's lifelong best friend.   I'd pay good money to know what my silly pooch Jelly looked like when she was his age.  Scottie's adopter will have coveted baby pictures!

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